Modular type multi-product line for dosing with prior weighing or counting. This line is designed for loading prepared products for fish-based dishes, meat preparations, vegetable preparations, fruits and nuts, etc. The product can be dosed in trays, boxes or any container except bagging.

Through the use of well-known weighing and counting techniques, the dosing line rejects overweight and guarantees the reliability of the different batches or packages to be made, having total control in all phases of the process.

This line is a solution which is customized and adapted according to the production needs of each client, allowing to automate the loading of different products in containers such as trays, boxes, or other containers; reducing the number of operators needed to perform the same task.


  • Line prepared for batch handling.
  • Load control system by weighing or counting.
  • Modular design adaptable to each client and process.
  • Weight control and rejection system integrated in the line.
  • Lines prepared for plastic and/or cardboard trays.
  • Custom control software.
  • Touch screen with program storage.

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