TPR 400/600/900


Breading machine, for uniformly breading any type of product, whether meat, fish, vegetables, or vegan, improving the optimal care of the product through an immersion process for all types of breading.

The desired product is introduced into the machine through immersion via the bottom bed. The design of the bottom and top belts prevents movements and agglomeration of the product inside the immersion bed, allowing us to handle a wide range of product types and sizes, thereby adding performance and added value to the product.


  • Equipped with automatic level control system to connect to the mixer tank.
  • Fan for the elimination of upper excess product.
  • Mechanical cleaning system of the lower belt, to avoid the displacement of the batter to the following machines.
  • Upper belt with cushioning for lifting for cleaning.
  • Lower bucket with cushioning for its descent for cleaning together with the lower belt.
  • High line speed up to 20 meters/min.
  • Very practical design which allows us that once the working day is over, it is not necessary to disassemble any part of the machine for subsequent cleaning and sanitizing, without loose parts.

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