LQ-FR 400/600/900


Machine designed to uniformly glue and marinate any type of product, meat, fish, vegetables, improving the optimal care of the liquid product by the pumping system used,
The lower part of the product is glued using the reverse shower system, which makes it easier for us to maintain the uniformity and alignment of the glued products. At the same time, the upper part of the product is glued using the system of two double cascades on both sides. one located at the entrance and the next at the exit of the product, excess glue is eliminated by means of a double air curtain applied to the bottom and top of the product.

This machine has a rotary filter incorporated in the same machine, for the continuous filtering of the liquid glue product, achieving the separation of the solid parts from the liquid ones.


  • Equipped with automatic level control system to connect to the mixer tank.
  • Stainless steel flow pump for gluing, marinating with clear/thick viscosity
  • Equipped with removable rotating metal filter for cleaning.
  • Bottom gluing device by reverse shower type.
  • Upper gluing device for two double curtains.
  • High line speed up to 20 meters/min.
  • Very practical design which allows us that once the working day is over, it is not necessary to disassemble any part of the machine for subsequent cleaning and sanitizing, without loose parts.

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