Machine designed to mold at low pressure all kinds of simple shapes from minced meat or pieces of meat, fish, semi-solid dough, vegan-type dough, potato, etc., previously kneaded and/or prepared for moulding.

In this machine we have applied our latest technology between the product tank and the forming area, treating the product in a precise and delicate way, which allows us to maintain the original characteristics of the processed masses.


  • Output belt width: 600 mm.
  • Hopper capacity: 430 L.
  • Production of 15 to 75 cycles depending on the product to be formed.
  • Useful molding area (formed) 570 x 130 mm.
  • Maximum filling volume per cycle 1,2 L.
  • Plate thickness: Minimum 5 mm / Maximum 25 mm.
  • Possibility of making products in 3 dimensions.
  • Plate filling system by feeding augers.
  • Automatic control of filling of the forming plate by means of time / pressure.
  • Minimum maintenance / minimum energy consumption.
  • Easy to clean / no loose parts.