Ideal for molding all kinds of three-dimensional shapes from minced meat or pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, semi-solid masses, potatoes, etc., previously kneaded and/or prepared for moulding.

Machine conceived and designed for the catering, hotel and restaurant sectors.


  • Linear motion forming plate.
  • Production speed of 5 / 12 cycles per minute.
  • Hamburger diameter from 30 to 130 mm.
  • Manual loading of the product.
  • Hopper capacity 3,5 litres.
  • Product pusher: adjustable piston system.
  • Very fast variation of weights and thickness of the hamburgers.
  • Mechanical ejection system.
  • Manual collection of the product.
  • 230 V 50 (60) Hz electrical connection.
  • Electric / pneumatic operation.

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