FC 400/600/900


Machine designed to uniformly flour any type of meat product, fish, vegetables and others, improving the optimal care of the product through a process studied and designed for all types of flour, semolina or bread with minimum grain sizes.

The fact of being able to apply a thin coating of flour on the different products, we manage to create a more adherent surface, to facilitate the subsequent application of the glues, batters, marinades, with this we can add greater performance and added value to the product.


  • Equipped with eye control peepholes on both sides of the machine for superior flour control.
  • Equipped with a pressure roller to facilitate the adherence of the flour to the product.
  • Machine designed to be able to work in a free passage system without the use of product.
  • Tubular chassis with rack graduation system for lifting and positioning of the machine.
  • High line speed up to 20 meters/min.
  • With the use of our AIRNET model suction cyclone we achieve flour savings of more than 10% to 15%.
  • Very practical design which allows us that once the working day is over, it is not necessary to disassemble any part of the machine for subsequent cleaning and sanitizing, without loose parts.

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